felicity tyson

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist

MSc, PGdip, Mpsych psych, ACP, AIMH

I am a Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist (member of the Association of Child Psychotherapists). I offer a range of interventions for children and young people up to the age of 25.  These brief and longer-term interventions include therapeutic work with parents, parent-infant psychotherapy, therapeutic work with parents and their children under-five, and specialist psychotherapeutic work with primary school age children, adolescents and young adults.

I believe strongly in finding ways to help children and young people to feel better understood and to feel they have a better understanding of themselves. I work collaboratively with parents, children and adolescents to help them build and rediscover their relationships to each other and themselves. A strong, yet flexible therapeutic relationship can, over time, really help with this. Some of the key principles of my approach and the approach I encourage in parents and professionals include: careful, thoughtful observation, reflection, free association and the encouragement of child-led play that supports children to explore and feel more able to put their feelings and thoughts into words. 

Parents and young people often come to child psychotherapy concerned about:

  • Temper tantrums , anxiety and sleep difficulties in young children
  • Challenges in early relationships around feeding, weaning, separations 
  • Difficulties in parent-child and family relationships linked to losses, bereavements, traumatic pregnancies, births and postnatal depression
  • Difficulties occurring around life stages such as transitions to primary and secondary school, peer and sibling relationships and where emotional difficulties are affecting learning and relationships
  • Low mood, anxiety, exam stress and struggles around identity, independence and sexuality in adolescence

Outside of my independent practice, I have over 10 years experience running services and providing specialist treatment to support adolescents, young children and families in GP practices, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS, NHS), hospitals, schools, voluntary sector services and children’s centres. I have set up and run therapeutic services supporting infants, children, teenagers and families affected by complex trauma, parental mental health difficulties, disability and neuro-developmental needs. I regularly contribute to specialist assessments to support the diagnosis, treatment and provision of support for young people and children affected by autism, ADHD, complex early trauma, attachment difficulties, complex physical and mental health needs and children in the care system. 

I train, teach and supervise the clinical work of a range of clinicians, health and social care professionals. This includes psychotherapists, midwives, health visitors, educational and clinical psychologists and early years professionals in the UK and South Africa. I regularly supervise the clinical work of therapists working with young people and adults with learning difficulties affected by complex trauma and abuse and the clinical work of therapists working in neonatal care.

I work as a Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, Supervisor and Service manager in the voluntary sector. I am an Academic Course Lead and Visiting Lecturer at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. My commitment to making ideas about emotional development and psychoanalysis accessible to all through teaching, clinical work and research continues to inform and develop my clinical practice.

Qualifications, Research and Training

Mpsych psych in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (Tavistock/ UEL), Postgraduate Diploma in Psychoanalytic Observation Studies (Tavistock/ UEL)

I completed my doctoral training in child and adolescent psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Tavistock/ University of East London (UEL), 2010-2017. I held a full-time NHS training post, working at the Child and Family Department at the Tavistock clinic and the Brent Centre for Adolescents. 

My doctoral research study focuses on the role of child psychotherapy in supporting bonding and early relationships between parents and infants affected by postnatal distress.


My fees range between £90 and £140 per 50 minute session for initial consultations, family work, parent work and individual child psychotherapy.

My supervision fees are negotiable and range between £70 and £140 (dependent on type, regularity, group or individual)


I can be contacted via the HTC website or by email ftysonpsychotherapy@gmail.com 

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