Consultation rooms to rent in Hackney, East London.

Our consulting rooms are designed to make clients feel at ease.

Coming to see a therapist for the first time can be an act of courage, a difficult step perhaps considered over many months or even years. The more we can do to make the environment aligned with the task of healing the better. This is why design is a crucially important element of creating well functioning, fit for purpose therapy rooms.

Colour, light, texture, tone all combine to create atmosphere and these elements combined can either have a positive or negative impact. Our bodies and unconscious are aware of this at a subtle level even if cognitively we think it doesn’t matter. Our system is reacting to this as stimuli and it needs to be a positive one if we are to relax. Therefore, the real job of design here isn’t so much about being stylish or modern, it’s not about the bespoke chair or antique piece, it’s about making clients feel as comfortable as possible so that they can relax enough to trust and begin to tell us their story.

The space we work from is an important, but often overlooked, factor and should be taken seriously as a supportive element of the healing process.

I invite you to come and take a look and see for yourself if you feel we’ve succeeded in achieving these intentions and if Hackney Therapy Centre might be the community of practitioners you’d like to share your professional life with and benefit for the mutual support we hope to build here.


The rooms

All of our rooms have names specifically chosen to reflect the healing atmosphere we hope to promote at the centre

therapy rooms to rent in hackney, east london.

These beautifully designed and well soundproofed rooms have been created with calm and confidentiality in mind from the initial renovation and design planning stage. The hope is to grow a community of therapists from diverse backgrounds and areas of expertise in order to serve those in need of therapeutic support in the widest and most appropriate ways. 

Hackney Therapy Centre is conveniently situated directly opposite the iconic Hackney Empire and only a few minutes walk from Hackney Central Overground. 


Perhaps this is a buzzword but there’s no denying that the future of the planet hangs in balance or it’s already gone too far. Whichever you believe, things do need to change and we believe even as therapists we have a part to play in that change. Our theories and institutions have colluded with white privilege and oppressive patriarchal structures and for us it is important that we align ourselves with a different future that questions and implements an accountability within the relational position of the therapy situation. 

If we hold that our work is often at its most simple working towards emancipation and greater personal freedom from internalised oppressive structures then shouldn’t we be active in making sure that the external structures which sustain these oppressive forces are monitored and evaluated as part of our contribution to a better future?

At the heart of our intention is an attempt to address the imbalances and injustices that lie at the heart of many of our communities and personal stories of trauma and oppression. In practice this means everyone is welcome and we wish to actively encourage those sections of our community who less frequently seek psychological help. This includes individuals who identify as persons of colour and those who identify their sexuality, gender identities and/or relationships as diversity. It is regrettable that we cannot accommodate wheelchairs at this time but welcome those less able bodied who can attend.

The life of a therapist

A lot of therapists can relate to a common pitfall of the profession – that it can be lonely and we often feel isolated. We are mostly required to contain our subjective selves in the service of our clients, we absorb and feel projections and tolerate being used as objects. This is our role and it can be a lot to bear alone. 

Being part of a community of therapists, together in private practice can play a vital part in avoiding isolation and burn out. Therapists need support too. I know getting started can be a daunting task and I’m here to help as much as I can.

At Hackney Therapy Centre we’re putting our efforts into building such a community of professional therapists who share a common aim of supporting one another, sharing resources and coming together for social and further learning opportunities. This is an offer and never an obligation. We can dip in and out as we please but the sense of holding, belonging and support will hopefully be constant.

“I am a long term Hackney resident, I also work from the rooms. My door is always open for tea when I’m not working and I’ve got some great tips about the local area too. I enjoy supporting recent graduates and those new to private practice.”

Ross Crookshank – Founder, Hackney Therapy Centre