Barbara Ungaro

If you are reading this, you must be in the process of considering psychotherapy and, in all likelihood, you’re finding it to be quite a bewildering process.
Embarking on the journey of psychotherapy can feel like a leap of faith into the unknown – as you begin, you might know how you feel, but you really don’t know what the destination might look like and what emotional landscapes you’ll be traversing along the way. It is, in many ways, a leap of faith, there is no doubt about that, so trust is of paramount importance.
Creating a safe space to open up and trust is my ever-present intention, as it is hard to allow difficult feelings or vulnerability to emerge when you don’t feel safe.  When the emotions that feel too messy, too raw or just simply too confusing can be examined with kindness, curiosity and compassion, then healing can happen. From my own experience, in fact, being able to talk candidly and confidentially about what troubles or perplexes us can create more spaciousness in our day-to-day life and remind us that we are not alone, nor do we need to be alone in our suffering. At the most essential level, a weekly therapy session is your sacred time to check in with yourself with someone fully present and dedicated to being there with you and what is happening for you. No phones. No interruptions. And, above all, no judgement. Nothing is more crucial than allowing ourselves time and space to explore who we truly are. The more we have access to and acceptance of all the different parts of who we are, the more we can offer our presence and our love to others in a way that feels good for us and aligned with who we want to be. 
I work with clients of all ages and nationalities. Currently residing in London, I have also spent many years in Italy, Spain, the US and Germany and am happy to work in Italian, Spanish, or German as well. In a previous life, I was a corporate solicitor in the City but have, over the span of more than a decade, gradually re-aligned my life into doing what I feel passionate about. I am a graduate of the Karuna Institute and have an MA in Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy. I am an accredited member of the UKCP, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy. I work with individuals and couples and have a particular interest in relational work given that most of our challenges, our traumas and our moments of happiness are connected to how we experience our relationships – be it family, friends, or partners. 
My fee is £80 per session for individuals and £120 for couples.

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