Tom Mercer, Hackney Therapist, East London

tom mercer

I am a passionate believer in the transformational power of creating the space in our lives to explore our hopes, fears, beliefs and attitudes, both conscious and unconscious, and how these might be influencing our experience of ourselves and our relationships. The psychotherapeutic relationship offers a unique opportunity to be heard, seen and received in an environment without judgement and in complete confidence.
Over a long career encompassing senior leadership positions in a number of large organisations, I have encountered and worked with many people who appear to have everything, yet are deeply discontent. My own exploration of the areas in my life that felt unfulfilling or somehow unresolved, led me to therapy. In the therapeutic relationship I experienced for the first time what it is to feel a shift in areas of life that had previously felt completely stuck.
Some of my clients come with acute suffering, others come with a sense that things could be better than they are, still others come because they want to make space each week for their own wellbeing. I work with couples and individuals, offering both long term depth psychotherapy and shorter term work focussed on specific areas.
I trained at the Karuna Institute, the home of one of the original mindfulness based psychotherapy training programmes in the UK. I hold an MA in Mindfulness Based Core Process Psychotherapy and am an accredited member of the UKCP, the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy.
Finding the right therapist is a critical start to your journey. In our initial meeting we will explore how we might work together and whether I am the right person to support you on the potentially transformational path ahead. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange a free introductory session, please do get in touch by email.
My fee is £90 per session for individuals and £120 for couples.

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