Hackney Therapists Counsellor Patrycja Jackson
Patrycja Jackson

In my therapeutic work I use the Carl Gustav Jung approach, which allows me to see more holistic, self-regulating and healing aspects of the human Psyche. My developed interest, study and use of symbols, mythology and dreams helps me to deepen the therapeutic relationship with clients and align them in their quest for a more meaningful life.

I am a qualified member of the Polish Association of Analytical Psychology, and a past member of its Ethics Committee. I have completed the Analytical Psychology course affiliated by the International Association of Analytical Psychology, based in Zürich.

Currently I’m a candidate at the Association of Jungian Analysts in London.

Before I started to work exclusively in my private practice, I established, managed and worked as the head of a psychotherapy unit in a private clinic in London.

On a monthly basis I hold and facilitate a Dream Circle, which gathers inquisitive dreamers. During the gathering we learn about a wide range of dreams and how to engage with them, and we explore the healing aspect of the dream as well as its archetypal notion and its collective function.

I am the author of numerous workshops for women based on the Great Mother archetype, which I periodically facilitate in London and Europe.

Carl Gustav Jung said that “the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are”. That individual’s quest for wholeness became the central idea of analytical psychology.

Please contact me if you are interested in working together.

I work both in English and in Polish.

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