Mihaela Tabaran

I am a Transpersonal Integrative Therapist trained to help you exploring your feelings around your issues and discover how they might stop you from achieving your goals, having healthy relationship or being who you want to be. Psychotherapy is a process of understanding and becoming more fully who you really are – getting to know your True Self.
I believe that everything that happens to us, even the most terrible things, happens for a reason. They are Divine messages that tell us what to do or stop doing in order to achieve a much more fulfilled life. If we are able to understand their messages and learn the lesson then our life transforms. 
More often we become defined by the relationships we form in our early years with our parents, siblings, family, peers and wider world. These relationships also shaped our genetics, family history, gender and sexuality, as well as culture, race and religion. 
Transpersonal Therapy views people as more than worldly beings, also including access to a Higher Divine Self. It seeks to include all aspects of an individual, from the body, mind to spirit and soul.
As a Transpersonal Therapist I believe that each person needs to be recognised for the individual that they are, and therefore my approach is tailored to the specific individual’s needs. I also work with dreams and creative imagination such as drawing, guided meditation, body work etc.
–  I have a Degree in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and I am register with BPS (British Psychology Society) . As a Psychologist I am skilled in distinguishing between a clinical disorder and life issues. Hence, if things escalates you will have all the support needed. 
– I am trained in Trans-cultural Psychology which will help me understand your presented issues in the context of your cultural background.
– Currently, I am on my 5th and final year on an UKCP accredited Psychotherapy Training Course and just one project away from graduation.
I offer lower cost therapy at the rate of £55/session.
Sessions are 50 minutes long, and typically we will meet on a weekly basis, at the same time and day.
The first session is an Assessment where we aim to reach an understanding of what your particular difficulties are. It is also an opportunity for you to ask any questions about therapy and form your own opinion of weather you would like to work with me.
I look forward to hearing from you.

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