Miha Momoiu

I’m Miha, a Person-Centred Psychotherapist. I work with individuals and with couples, face to face and online. I offer therapy in Romanian and in English.

It’s not always possible or easy to talk to our family or friends. Sometimes, we need a neutral person to hear us without judgement, without giving us unwanted advice, someone who really listens and helps us sit with, unpack our thoughts and feelings and work through an issue. This process often aids in gaining insight into our emotions, getting clarity regarding our feelings, identifying desired changes and ways of doing that, experiencing a sense of empowerment, and alleviating feelings of stress, anxiety and burden.

There can be different reasons for wanting counselling: feeling anxious or depressed, losing a loved one, going through a crisis, not recognizing ourselves anymore, feeling stressed at work or at home, having health problems that doctors can’t find a reason for, not feeling confident or feeling like you don’t have control anymore, struggling with relationships (partners, parents, co-workers), etc.

The clients I have been working with have experienced: anxiety, bullying, difficult childhood, addictions, disordered eating, low mood, difficulty relating to others (family members, partners, co-workers), loss, hate crime, low self-esteem, low confidence, relationship challenges, domestic abuse, low self-image, stress, communication difficulties and other.

I believe everyone has their own answers and ways of healing because our experiences are unique. I place great importance on experiencing and communicating genuine empathy, creating a safe and healing environment to foster self-awareness, personal growth and empowerment.

I adopt a collaborative approach when working with the client. I listen actively, I ask open ended questions, I reflect back and I encourage the client to explore their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. I help them to gain insight into their underlying emotions and motivations. I don’t give advice and I respect the client’s decision regarding what to focus on in the session. I don’t diagnose or label clients. 

MSc in Contemporary Person Centred Psychotherapy and Application, Middlesex University in collaboration with Metanoia Institute, London 
I am an accredited member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy and work in accordance with their Ethical Framework.

£70 per 50 minutes session for individuals

£90 per hourly session for couples

I am sometimes able to offer concessions.

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