Kate-Marie Travis

Kate-Marie Travis

I’m a UKCP and AFT approved specialist Systemic Psychotherapist and a Social Worker. Meaning I work collaboratively and sensitively with couples, families and individuals in relationship to each other, their histories and current contexts.
I draw on a wide range of dynamic, evidence-based approaches within systemic theory, to support many different interpersonal and relational issues, mental and emotional health challenges.
I work alongside you, to find what approach suits you best, and meet your bespoke needs. I will support you in making the changes you feel you need in order to regain happy and healthy relationships. I take a non-judgemental position to explore the impact of problems upon an individual, couple or family.

I don’t believe that people are the problem, I believe that problems are made within contexts and relationships. Working with this belief, we can separate the person from the problem and allow space for change and difference.



With a rich background spanning over 22 years, my professional journey has been dedicated to guiding children, families, couples, and individuals through diverse life experiences. I bring a compassionate and knowledgeable approach, using curiosity to explore various cultural, sexual, spiritual, and religious perspectives. My commitment is to provide creative and respectful support, helping you understand your challenges, overcome obstacles, and navigate life’s complexities. My ultimate aim is to empower you and your loved ones together, in a collaborative and warm environment, to construct a personalised path towards renewed health and happiness.

I have worked in a variety of services, developing my knowledge and skills in many areas:

Local Authorities: As a social worker, supporting children and families services, including children looked after.
NHS services: In a couples and family therapy clinic and as a highly specialist psychotherapist in an eating disorder unit.
Private sector: In private practice, children who are looked after services, and offering supervision and bespoke training to organisations.




As a systemic psychotherapist, I provide a supportive space for individuals to explore your worries and concerns. I offer tailored therapy sessions, whether for individual struggles or as a precursor to family or couple work. My approach emphasizes strengths and resources, to support you in developing a sense of control and security in your life. I work to foster collaboration and partnership with all the individuals I work with.


In our sessions, we will navigate the challenges together, fostering an environment of understanding and healing. Rebuilding trust will be a key focus, as we work on improving communication and develop and expand your relational and sexual intimacy. Or exploring feelings and issues that you want to make sense of together. 

Eating disorders

Working with the individual who is suffering from anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorder, alongside family, partner or friends. Building trust around managing the impact of the disorder. Collaborating on new communication responses to the eating disorder behaviours. 

Children and Families (including foster and adoptive parents)

I work with all types of families and kinships. Drawing on my 18 year Social Worker experience and my therapeutic training, a containing environment to work through conflicts, relationships, attachment issues, promoting positive parenting, managing behaviours, and responding to your child’s trauma. I can work with you, your birth family and the child (this would need to be with the looked after child’s social workers written authorisation). I work alongside you to effect change in all the parts of the family and increase harmony.

Mental health issues

I have extensive experience in working with people suffering from mental health issues, and with their families and loved ones, to support helpful responses to symptoms and reconnecting relationships. Mental health issues including: Depression, anxiety, bipolar, EUDP, personality disorders, schizophrenia.


Through a combination of systemic therapy and trauma-informed techniques, I address not only the individual experiences of trauma but also its effects on the entire relational system. I guide families and couples in understanding how past events shape their current interactions and help them develop effective coping strategies and communication skills. We will work to transform negative patterns into opportunities for growth and resilience.


I use systemic theory for organisational change. I can work alongside you to develop a more effective culture, with shared values and vision within your agency. I can also offer reflective practice and consultations, to look after your employee’s wellbeing and develop their critical thinking.


For any social or health care agencies who want to be more relationally focused in their approach. I can deliver bespoke systemic theory training for all levels of your organisation.


Individuals: £80
Couples: £100
Families: £120
Organisations and Training: £600 per day 


I have limited spaces for concessions.


If you need to cancel your appointment, please provide me with at least 48 hours notice, otherwise the full fee applies. 

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