Gita Aussia

Are your negative thoughts and feelings leaving you feeling stuck, anxious and depressed?
Is this affecting the way you relate to others whether in your relationship, at work or in any other areas of your life?
When we suffer from anxiety, depression or other negative thoughts and feelings, everything becomes overwhelming. We can go into spiral, not being able to think properly about what is really going on. This affects our self-esteem and we get stuck and trapped in negativity.
As children we develop patterns of behaviour and coping strategies to protect us against difficult emotions. However, as adults these patterns become destructive and affect us at an unconscious level. For instance, we begin to have problems relating to people, our relationships break, we find it difficult to function at work, we become anxious or depressed, we may develop eating disorder, use alcohol, drugs or succumb to any other type of addiction, etc.
How I can help:
In the sessions, you can bring anything that bothers you. We will work together to understand and think about your difficult feelings and unravel these puzzling roots. By understanding your patterns and coping strategies, you begin to free yourself from anxiety, ‘stuckness’ and negative emotions. You improve your self-esteem and you will build a more secure and confident self to rely on in every aspect of your life.
You may be experiencing:
• anger 
• low self-esteem
• a sense of feeling stuck, confused or anxious, whether in your job, relationship or other aspect of your life 
• over-sensitivity and anxiety much of the time 
• a feeling of being overwhelmed or out of control 
• negative thoughts that can spiral out of control 
• feelings of helplessness 
• self-blame or guilt 
• difficulty sleeping 
• depressed moods and lack of motivation 
• lack of purpose and difficulty making decisions 
• relationship difficulties – either clinging to a bad relationship or allowing a good one to spiral out of control 
• career difficulties – finding yourself stuck in a job that you don’t like or not being able to find a job suited to your skills and potentials
The next step
You are welcome to contact me on 07392022771 to have a brief chat or book an initial consultation to see how we can work together.

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