Evelina Linkute

I am a qualified Person-centred psychotherapist who is also trained in Emotion-focused therapy. I work towards offering an accepting space, a kind of therapeutic bubble of safety that enables us to feel free to explore whatever we need to. I will stay alongside you if we find something that feels really scary and incredibly painful or if you need to rekindle something that has become lifeless and numb. I do focus on the integration of the cognitive, emotional and bodily experiencing, however, the way we are going to work together will be greatly influenced by your personal needs and your therapy goals.

As a therapist, I do place a huge focus on working with emotions experientially, therefore, I am quite active and involved in your inner process as it is a very powerful way to connect your brain with your heart and work towards making shifts and changes in the way you experience yourself, people and the world around you. 

I offer the combination of the following: 

  • Person-centred experiential counselling & psychotherapy (MSc) 

  • Emotion-focused therapy level 1, 2 & 3  

  • Trauma and Polyvagal theory informed approach 

  • Bodily-focused sessions (that comes from my training as well as my personal interest in somatic experiencing, yoga, breathwork, and personal meditations on the embodied experience)

  • Integration of non-ordinary states of consciousness (if you had any and want to work on integrating them)

Also, as part of my commitment to diversity and inclusion, I want to emphasise that I welcome and encourage clients who identify with minorities, whether it be race, religion, ability, sexual orientation, belief, background or otherwise. These are all characteristics which will be welcomed, included, and appreciated.

My fees are £65 per counselling hour.

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