Dan Lowe

Dan Lowe

In life, we all can all experience distressing emotions, a lack of a fulfillment or meaning, or difficulties within relationships. Therapy is a process in which you take time to sit with and explore these emotions, and work towards change. My role as a therapist is to support you in this process, to reflect back and clarify what you are feeling, and provide prompts and other techniques that aid deeper exploration.

I am an integrative psychotherapist and counsellor. An integrative approach means that I have studied several models of therapy and seek to put these together in a way that best meets each client’s individual needs. I believe that everyone is different and a range of potential approaches might be helpful as therapy develops.

Two of my main influences are person-centred counselling – I value the gentle, accepting nature of this approach and its emphasis on the curative power of listening and being heard – and therapeutic bodywork. We carry a lot of emotion and unresolved feelings in our bodies and working with this actively can be powerfully transformative. 

What a session will consist of

I’ve learnt a number of different approaches and try and draw on all of these to help my clients.  I begin with really trying to hear the client and work out what’s going on for them emotionally. Genuine emotional contact with another person and being really heard can both be really curative. I will often introduce techniques of working with the body, directing attention to certain places or working with  and breath  as a way of exploring and deepening emotion.   I will also bring attention to the relationship as it evolves between us over time. Thinking about how this relationship develops and changes can again, be really beneficial and generate all kinds of insights and self-understandings. At all times, I will endeavor to be gentle empathetic, curious, warm and supportive and provide a safe space for this exploration. 

Training and background 

I have an MA in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy for Roehampton University. I’ve 400+ hours of client work with the Centre for Better Health, which is a charity that provides counselling to local people. I’ve worked with a range of people at C4BH and in my personal practice with probably the most common being anxiety, depression and relationship problems

Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked as a teacher with young adults for many years. In that role, I saw that the most valuable learning happens when pupils feel heard and valued. I now bring that non-judgmental attention to my therapeutic work. I also have a long-term interest in mindfulness and meditation; I have benefitted from an active meditation practice for over 20 years.


My fees are £70 per session though I do offer concessions for students/unwaged


I can be contacted at danlowe72@gmail.com

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