For the next 3 months we are offering 30% off all block bookings with a minimum contract of 1year and 50% off the Ad-Hoc monthly membership fee

We are all in this together - Discounted Rates until December 20

A lot has been happening in the world and we have had time to reflect on our mission and purpose here and we’d like to do things a little differently in future. We are working on ways that we can better align our services with our values and thinking around provision of care for example.  For now, it is still in process how that will evolve but one thing is certain and that’s our commitment to Anti-racism, anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia and all other forms of discrimination is now FRONT PAGE rather than an addendum. This requires more than lip service however and is part of a larger conversation around how this can be implemented both at a structural level and in individual clinical practice. We welcome your thoughts and ideas around this as part of community of allies. We are proud to be growing a rich diversity of practitioners from many therapeutic modalities and schools but at Hackney Therapy Centre we have a unifying solidarity in standing against ALL discrimination.

Meanwhile, in the spirit of “We’re all in this together” we’d like to help each other as much as we can by being transparent about our struggle during these difficult times. As we are re-opening with great care to minimise the risk to everyone who attends, we have installed barely audible Hospital grade Hepa13 air purifiers which change the air in each room every 3-4mns. We recognise that many of us (ourselves included) have been impacted financially by the pandemic. Whether you are just beginning to build your practice or are looking for a new base for your practice. We offer bright, professional and comfortable environment with the possibility of building professional relationships alongside colleagues. Until the end of the year we are offering a discounted rate of 30% and 50% off Ad-Hoc monthly membership fee.So, in this way we are relaunching as well as re-opening and would like to invite you to join us if you feel that our ethos and values might align with yourself as a practitioner. Making Hackney Therapy Centre a place where you will be proud to work and become a valued member of our practice.Covid Safety & reassurances

Face to face therapy has been off limits since March and this has severely impacted businesses offering Room Hire for therapeutic services. The guidelines for working safely in small spaces is confusing and ever changing and naturally many practitioners are cautious about returning to work in person. We hope we have found a solution that will offer those of you who are still unsure some practical and scientific assurance that we can bring any risk down to an absolute minimum. In order to get us all back to work as safely as possible Hackney Therapy Centre has taken the extra measure of investing in MedicAir air purification units which provide hospital grade clean air. These units were designed by dentists where levels of potential transmission are extremely higher than in a therapy consultation room. It is known that in addition to 2m distance, the best prevention against Covid-19 transmission indoors is good ventilation. Our air purification units not only replicate optimum ventilation by changing the air in the room every 3-4minis but in the 5-step cleaning process also remove 99.9% of bacteria, pollution and viruses. You can rest assured that we are doing our utmost to make a safer environment for you to work but also, an extra reassurance of safety that you can offer your clients.

Rates & Further Information

There are four beautiful, bright, good sized rooms. Comfortable and professionally soundproofed and decorated to a high spec by a practicing therapist. Designed with psychotherapists, counsellors, psychoanalysts and other practitioners in mind.

Only a few mins walk from Hackney Central overground and a few more to London Fields and Hackney Downs. Great transport links and lots of buses in all directions right outside.

There is a secure videophone entry system and a lift. Inside there is a kitchen, bathroom with shower, integrated water filter tap and boiling water tap. Combi-oven and fridge. Every room has a special low-noise fan and large bay window. Tea and coffee, water jugs and glasses as well as tissues are provided.  

There are two ways to practice from Hackney Therapy Centre. You can choose between joining as a Practice member or an Ad-hoc Practice member depending on how much flexibility you need (n.b. block booking will have priority over ad-hoc bookings. This means that if a practitioner wishes to book a block when you have one or more hours you would have 3weeks (21days) minimum notice to decide if you wish to surrender and change your ad hoc time or commit to the block). If you can commit to a block of 5hrs then joining as a Practice member gives you the best hourly rates. If you prefer the flexibility of casual Ad-hoc use then joining as an Ad-hoc Practice member then paying a monthly fee will give you access to competitive hourly rates.

Here are the rates for the rooms as a Practice member:

(There are two large rooms and two medium sized rooms – none of the rooms are small)

Monday to Thursday

Morning – 7am-11.50am: £47.5/£55

Afternoon – 12midday-4.50pm: £47.5/£55

Evening 5pm-10pm: £55/£62.5 (Fridays £47.50/£55)

Ad-hoc rate is £15/hr when you reserve a regular block of 5hrs

Half Days

Morning/early afternoon 7am-1.50pm: £63/£73.5

Late afternoon/Evening 2pm-10pm: £80/£92

Morning till late afternoon 7am-4.50pm: £80/£92

Whole day Mon-Thurs: £110/£135

Whole day Friday £105/£127.50

Weekends £47.5/55 or whole day: £70/90 or £50/60half day

(please enquire about weekend rates for hiring the whole space for small workshops)

Ad-hoc Practice Membership

You can pay a monthly fee of £20(cancel anytime) to book unlimited Ad-hoc hours (depending on availability) at the rate of £16/hr (£250 refundable deposit required)

(There is an option to have your practice profile promoted by our marketing team. No fee is required if you don’t receive a referral. We only ask that the first fee of any returning client (anyone who makes a second appointment) is paid towards the costs of running our referral service. High quality search engine optimisation (SEO)work is necessary to really make the referral service work.

Hackney Therapy Centre upholds a commitment to actively stand against all forms of discrimination. Being in accordance with this premise is a pre-requisite for joining our centre. As a place of healing for all, we actively stand for and aim to promote anti-racism, anti-homophobia, and anti-transphobia.

Evidence of insurance, qualifications and two month notice period required.