Bogdan Micu


I offer integrative and transpersonal counselling and psychotherapy. I work in Rickmansworth, Hackney (London) and online.

I hope you find here what you are looking for.  

My Approach

My way of working starts by seeing you, the person in front of me, with complete openness and compassion. Integrative therapy, in practice, means joining you on your journey of discovery and growth, where both you and I will seek to trust your inner guidance, while in a safe space. Every session can be different. I do no start with an agenda, and we can explore anything that comes up for you.

I will facilitate this by sometimes proposing various techniques, perhaps creative exercises, by using imagination or working with dreams, or through body oriented exercises. I may also propose new perspectives when you feel stuck. We would explore not only your relationship with others, but also with yourself, and go only as far as you are ready for. We may also look at practical solutions for various situations in your day to day living, or take a broader, more existential or spiritual view of your life. 

All of this would happen in a safe, completely non-judgement al, co-created space, where you would choose what works for you and the direction of your therapy. 

My practice is holistic, having the ability to incorporate the mind, the body and the heart in the therapeutic process. I draw on several psychological, philosophical and spiritual approaches, as suitable, and value the importance of the present, alongside the past and also the future.


I have been practicing since 2015, collaborating with a few charities such as Freshstart and The Caravan, and currently working in private practice.

I have always had an interest in working with people, and I have gained valuable experience from my previous carrier working with young people with Autism in the education sector and with people with complex needs (trauma, addiction, relationship issues, isolation and others) in the homeless sector all across London. 

I have a depth of experience in working with people affected by trauma, psychiatric disorders, and also with specific issues such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, sexual problems, sexuality, emotional or physical abuse, stress, life crises, spiritual growth & others.

Having specialised in, and practicing, integrative transpersonal psychotherapy, this offers me and you an important flexibility in finding the suitable approach to your personality, life experiences and challenges that you may face as a unique individual.

Other Interests

From a young age, I have been interested in the human condition and potential, and in spirituality. For around 15 years, in my earlier life, I have studied and practiced integral yoga and tantra, including parts of the Vedic and Buddhist traditions, and also the more esoteric aspects of Christianity. However I do not find myself identifying with any one particular religion or tradition.

I enjoy spending time in nature, everything from ocean to mountain, which I often do through cycling and camping. It’s great.

I also appreciate the usefulness of financial education and wellbeing.


Clients, and others who have worked with me, have described me as having a particularly kind and calming presence. They have experienced me as giving plenty of space when needed, and also as offering valuable insights, when appropriate. People have also mentioned that I have a particular, dry sense of humour (I hope it’s a good thing).

If you think you may enjoy working together, I look forward to hearing from you.



In-person Session: £70  (Assessment: £50)

Online Session: £60  (Assessment: £40)

All sessions are 50mins long. 

I offer a free 15 min initial telephone consultation. 


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