Antigone Ikkos-Serrano

Placing connection and understanding at the heart of my practice, I offer a psychodynamic, person centred approach to psychotherapy based on Jungian principals. 

As a Sesame trained drama and movement therapist and fellow of the Neuropsychoanalyisis Association, I use a blend of psychology, movement, dramaturgy, stories and neuroscience to support my clients in building a more integrated understanding of themselves. 

By using the arts as an explorative tool, truths that are hidden within the depths of the psyche may be revealed in a safe and containing way. In offering unconscious processes a form; be that through art, movement, or any other creative medium, our internal stories may be revealed to us. This can help to form a deeper understanding of who we are and give us the tools to make the changes we want for ourselves. 

My interest in neuroscience, and training in neuropsychoanalysis and neuro-dramatic-play, enables me to understand psychological and creative processes from a neurological perspective. I therefore facilitate the psychotherapy from both a holistic and science led perspective. Through the act of creation, we are able to retune neural pathways forming healthier patterns of thought and a more autonomous relationship with the way we relate to ourselves and the world around us.

Every person is unique and will benefit from a different direction, shape and form to their therapeutic journey. The extent to which sessions are focused on talking and/or creative explorations is therefore individually tailored to and defined by the individual.

– Acute Mental Health
Including; PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, personality disorder, self-esteem challenges, stress and more
– Addiction
– Additional Neurological and Physical Needs
– Physical Health Conditions
– Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Including; profound and multiple learning disabilities, social-emotional mental health difficulties, challenging behaviour, looked after children, climate anxiety and more
– Refugee and Asylum Seeking Community Work

Qualifications: MA, BMus, FDip,

Accreditation: The Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

Fellowship: Neuropsychoanalysis Association

Membership: British Association of Dramatherapists

£60 – 50 mins in person
£75 – 90 mins in person (recommended for a first meeting)
£40 – 50 mins online session